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Eleticia Owens | Her Path to Corporate Co-Founder

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Eleticia Owens, the daughter of a Mexican first generation father was born and raised in Richmond, CA. She is married and a proud mother to two beautiful children.

Eleticia was born in San Francisco, ca and raised in Richmond, ca.  She attended Richmond High School, and soon after went straight to work because in the Latino culture college isn't considered a priority.  She took random courses here and there but never obtained her degree in business.  Fast forward to the age of 23 Eleticia was kicked out of the house because of a disagreement with her parents.  She ended up being homeless for over 3 months. During those three months she would go with her now husband, and sit for hours in the car and wait for him because she had no where to go. Eleticia was at her lowest point in life but decided to make a change.

Instead of wallowing in sorrow she used that time to study and passed her real estate exam on the first try.  She became a realtor and thrived as an agent. Around 2006 when the real estate market crashed and she found herself once again searching for a new avenue in life.

Eleticia eventually began working for Kaiser Permanente, purchased her first home and then a second home.  However, even with that success the desire to become more in life pushed her into re-enrolling in college.  Currently she in her senior year of college and will graduate next year.

With the help of her husband, Eleticia started her business 2011.  In 2012, she joined forces with Cameron Colvin who is now her business partner/Mentor.  Cameron is a former San Francisco 49er and was just recently featured in the motion picture "When the Game Stand Tall".  He is a successful entrepreneur and owns an umbrella of businesses.

Eleticia is the Co-Founder of The Green Cow Meat Company, LLC. They distribute grass-fed, free-range Gourmet quality beef to restaurants, caterers, hotels, culinary institutes and retail stores.  They provide their customers with a health beneficial class grade of beef alternative to the mass produced, commercial lot beef most commonly served.
Eleticia got into this line of business in 2012 when she began her quest to become healthier. She learned about all of the horrors that come along with massed produce beef such as the animals being treated with antibiotics due to being confined to such small living quarters which contributes to the animals are being contaminated by their own feces.  From that day forth she began purchasing beef from local farmers. The taste and health benefits where amazing and she wanted to share it with the world!

Eleticia's company is now potentially one of the biggest distributors of grass-fed beef in California with the capability to deliver up to 400,000 lbs of beef per week.

Eleticia say what makes her company different from the others is that they provide complimentary consultation services.  They show their customers how to incorporate their product into their menus, helping them with pricing to maximize their profit.


Mr. Latino Magazine Sacramento Interview with Eleticia Owens

ML: Hello Eleticia, first off thank you for spending time with us. We spoke briefly about yourself in the write-up but please tell us something that you would like everyone to know about you.

EO: First off thank you for choosing my story to be featured on Mr. Latino Magazine Sacramento as a Mover & Shaker! Im truly honored! I am also working on a side project with the amazing celebrity fitness trainer and international body sculpture, Shaun Spencer, who was featured in the 2nd season of VH1's Basketball Wives LA.  We are working on a campaign for child obesity along with teaching parents about nutrition and fitness and how to incorporate it into their everyday lives.  Our goal is to teach children healthy habits to take with them till adulthood. 
ML: As an entrepreneur, we all know the struggle is so real and what might have embarrassed us before somehow becomes romantic after you have gone through it and come out on the other end successful. What does or did it take for you to keep it positive even at your lowest point being homeless?

EO: What has kept me positive and motivated is that I believe in myself and know that I was created to do great things.  I also believe that I am responsible for my own success and that I can't just sit around and wait for someone to give me anything.  I firmly believe in the law of attraction and try my hardest to keep a positive mind-set and keep positive people around me.  It also helps that I have a supportive husband that believes in me and my visions and two amazing children that keep me going!
ML: Beef? We know the business peeked your interest when you decided to get healthy but is the reaction to your business when you mention it for the first time surprising to people? Any good stories?

EO: Yes, it is surprising to most people, they expect me to be in the beauty industry or some other industry lol  I have to explain what I do several times before they connect the dots but it's fairly simple I own my own label/brand of Gourmet Grass-fed beef, Organic Beef, Halal Certified Beef, and even bison that is distributed nationwide.
ML: As a woman in business, what is one of the biggest things you have learned or experienced?

EO: As a woman in business I've learned that we must work harder to be taken seriously.  Many feel as if a woman is not strong enough or is incapable of balancing a home and career.   Our logic, experiences, and educational background are constantly being second guessed but remaining firm in all decisions eventually helps break that barrier.
ML: Lastly, as a role-model to Latinas, how does that make you feel, a role model to young women especially to young Latinas? Also what advice would you like to pass along?

EO: Although I am half Mexican and half Caucasian I was raised around my Hispanic side and understand that Hispanic people are hindered by the label "minority".  We are taught that all we will ever amount to be in life are workers working for someone else.  However there are so many educational opportunities out there for everyone to pursue their passion.  Don't be afraid to try, anything in life worth anything will be challenging but not impossible. Even if you fail try again, keep trying until you make it.  People will doubt you, laugh at your ideas, talk about you negatively, even try to destroy your character, no one will ever understand and believe in your vision like you, that's why it is meant for you. Turn your vision into a reality and impact the world!

We would like to thank Eleticia for her time with us and we look forward to seeing more amazing things from her in the future!


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