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Chef Ramiro Alarcón | The Investigator & Defender of the Real Mexican Kitchen

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Born in Mexico City, award winning Chef Ramiro Alarcón brings Mexico to Cielito Lindo. Chef Ramiro trained at Ambrosia, Centro Culinario de Mexico y Instituto Gastronomico de Mexico to develop the skills and techniques needed for his life-long passion.

Cooking for the past 15 years, he set a goal for himself to learn the true Mexican kitchen. This goal would send him on a year-long journey to each of Mexico's 31 states, learning each region's signature dish.

Calling himself "the investigator and defender of the real Mexican kitchen," Chef Ramiro's menu gives you dishes that complement each other and represent the true culture and flavor of Mexico.

Chef Ramiro Alarcón, with 15 years experience and practicing Mexican cuisine at this time, he is combing the art of living with the aroma and flavors of Mexican cuisine. Alarcón 's unique dishes at Cielito Lindo are prepared in a contemporary fashion with naming conventions of the Aztec era.



Photos: Jacob D. Garcia

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