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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 00:00

A Mr. Latino Tequila Review | Mañana Tequila Blanco

Written by  Pedro Quiroba III
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Mañana Tequila Blanco, I actually tasted the trio but the Blanco is the one we are talking about today.

The very first time I had the pleasure was at a tasting event a few years ago. When I stepped up to the Mañana table I started with the Blanco then the Reposado and finished with the Anejo or so I thought I was finished but I really wasn't, I had just began.
As I went along tasting other brands I made pit-stops at Mañana's table a few more times for the Blanco. The crisp, super clean and light texture along with the fruity notes and floral aromas, sometimes sweet but also spicy. The finish had that green olive that I always look for in a great Blanco. I would have liked the finish to last a little longer, short and sweet but sometimes I think it is good to not overstay a welcome, keep them coming back for more.

Mr. Latino with Javier of Mañana Tequila

This is a really nice Blanco, one of the best I have tried recently. As I have mentioned I am a guy who has been loving Tequila for nearly 20 years, no expert but a pretty good sense of good and bad Tequila being explained in regular guy terms.

The story tells that back in the early 1900´s, the owner of the distillery, don panhito vidal, liked to let his tequila rest much longer than other tequila makers. So much that the people of the town and other tequila experts thought don pancho vidal might have lost his mind, because whenever they would ask when he was going to bring the tequila out of the barrels don panchito, as they called him, would respond:

"Mañana, mañana will be the day”

I think it's pretty cool when a Tequila has a myth to explain. Read the rest of the myth here!

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