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Tequila: Hector De La Rosa 2019 Picks

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I usually do a "Best of the Best" years end with my picks of my favorite Tequilas.

Not this year.

 I decided to ask a few of my friends to give me their picks. These are people I have met via Tequila, many I have known for years and have developed great friendships with. A few I have only known online but recently I was able to meet in person, share stories and sip some amazing Tequila with thanks to the Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine Expo this past year. If you have never been you need to!

Next up is someone I met for the first time in person at the 2019 Monterey Tequila & Cuisine Expo. We hung-out and talked for a little while at the expo and after it was off to the after party where we hung-out even more, tasted and talked Tequila. I now have an open invite to Cantina De La Rosa. I can't wait to use my friend!

Hector De La Rosa, the floor is yours!

With over hundreds of tequilas on the market, which are some the ones to taste? Tequila brands have their own distinct aromas, tastes and finishes. So rather than to explain which were some to try in 2019, I narrowed the field to those which have aromas of citrus and sweetness.


For a Blanco, I would suggest Fortaleza tequila. This brand is light, aroma of citrus and agave sweetness.


For a Reposado, I have to go with Suerte Tequila. A nice citrusy aromatic brand with a balance of oak.



For an Anejo, Cascahuin is a go to with orange peel aroma and some fruitiness.  

However, whatever tequila you try make sure to take the time to enjoy the aroma and flavor.

Happy Sipping - Hector De La Rosa



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