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Tequila: Abel Mendoza 2019 Picks

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I usually do a "Best of the Best" years end with my picks of my favorite Tequilas.
Not this year.

I decided to ask a few of my friends to give me their picks. These are people I have met via Tequila, many I have known for years and have developed great friendships with. A few I have only known online but recently I was able to meet in person, share stories and sip some amazing Tequila with thanks to the Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine Expo this past year. If you have never been you need to!

Next up is someone I met for the first time at the 2019 Monterey Tequila & Cuisine Expo through Rodrigo Sanchez. We hungout at the expo and after he shared some of his favorite bottles from his collection then it was off to the after party. Highlight of the evening is when I got him a pour of the Alquimia X14 (the very last pour of the expo), he took a very small sip and handed it to his wife to taste and she shot it. The look on his face was priceless. Sorry bro.

Abel Mendoza, the floor is yours!

For Blancos I'm going with Volcan de mi tierra (nom 1523)  it's a very easy to drink blanco , with herbal nuances  of fresh mint , freshly cut grass and citrus tones and spices. great for a tequila newbie.

Reposado I'm going with 1921 (Nom 1079)  with flavors easy to identify. some spicy, Bourbon-like character. Charred oak and very slight butter scotch finish.

For an anejo I'm going with my new favorite  voodoo tiki . With a very cool presentation bottle/conversation starter . So much flavor but very traditional . Easy to drink , amazing aromas of  creamy vanilla . On the pallet  Cognac Brandy Taste With A Soft Brandy Finish. A very fine, sipping tequila good with a cigar if u like

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Abel Mendoza

31yrs young . married , born in Jalisco raised in California . Youngest of 4 siblings.  I have 3 kids. 11yr old boy,6 yr old girl and a 1 and half baby girl . Family means everything to me . I once heard "if you don't have family,  then you don't have nothing at all" and those are words that have always stuck with me. Going to the beach and sipping on some extra anejo is my favorite thing to do.