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Tequila: Kelly Cash 2019 Picks

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I usually do a "Best of the Best" years end with my picks of my favorite Tequilas.
Not this year.

I decided to ask a few of my friends to give me their picks. These are people I have met via Tequila, many I have known for years and have developed great friendships with. A few I have only known online but recently I was able to meet in person, share stories and sip some amazing Tequila with thanks to the Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine Expo this past year. If you have never been you need to!

Next up is one of the very first people I met in this industry of Tequila. I remember him showing me his spreadsheets of Tequilas he had tasted with his ratings. I was like wow. He quickly became a friend and I would always look forward to seeing him at all of the Tequila events and tastings. If I ever had a question about a Tequila he would get it. Great guy with a huge passion for the spirit.

Kelly Cash, the floor is yours my friend!

Blanco: Terralta 110
Stronger than the usual 80 proof tequila, this exceptional blanco is one of the best ever made.  Produced by Felipe Camarena (not to be confused with "Camarena Tequila"), one of the most knowledgeable and innovative tequileros, this blanco is full of flavor, and made with the best practices available.

Reposado: Don Pilar
Clean and light, this newest tequila from veteran Don Pilar does not disappoint. Six months in oak barrels add a lot of flavor, while still letting those of the baked agave to shine through.

Anejo: T1 Estelar
One of the best anejos ever made, by German Gonzalez, one of the most knowledegable and skilled producers. The complexity of this anejo is unsurpassed, and is a spectacular value as well.

Extra Anejo: Alquimia XIV Reserva de Oro
A whopping 14 years in the barrel, this cask-strength tequila is bursting with oak and other flavors. This tequila is spectacular, and will have the most devoted bourbon and scotch drinkers consider changing their spirit of choice. A little more costly than many products, but worth every penny- It takes a lot of commitment to keep a world-class tequila in a barrel that long.

Kelly Cash

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Kelly Cash

I've discovered good tequila. Rather an odd declaration, wouldn't you say? Not so odd, in that until recently we U.S. Americans really have had little exposure to tequila beyond the over-marketed Jose Cuervo "Gold" Especial stuff.