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People in Tequila | Kelly Cash of TequilaNeat

Written by  Pedro Quiroba III
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We Love Tequila.

No salt, no lime and no ice. Always Neat.

Now that we made that perfectly clear we have decided to revamp and bring back our "People in Tequila" feature. With some of the biggest names in the industry as well as some of the most respected Tequila Aficionados and reviewers. Interviews, features and videos will be coming your way for education and entertainment.

Enjoy the new ML Feature with our very first "People in Tequila" - Mr. Kelly Cash of TequilaNeat.com.

We here at Mr. Latino first met Kelly at a tasting a few years ago and have always stayed in contact and have met up since at many Tequila tastings throughout California. Kelly is one of the most respected Tequila reviewers in the industry with a spreadsheet ranking over 955 Tequilas/Sotols and 121 Mezcals/Raicillas. Now that's very impressive.

Kelly knows decent scotch whiskies, he knows wine (well enough), etc. But he knew nothing of tequila. Kelly figured there HAD to be a better quality variety than what we're used to. Sure, he knew of (and owned) Patron Silver, Sauza, and others, but they weren't that special.

What really got Kelly going was receiving a few good bottles at a birthday party. So he started looking in better Mexican restaurants. Sure enough, he found a whole industry which makes a lot of spectacular tequilas.

Less than two years into his journey he had already decided that he preferred good tequilas to good scotch. Kelly says he chose a good time to get into tequila while the industry has been around for many years, it's only now that it's really starting to boom.

Mr. Latino recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kelly to talk about his TequilaNeat.com Talks. This is the second interview ML has conducted with Mr. Cash

Mr. Latino Interview II with Kelly Cash of TequilaNeat.com

ML: When we last spoke, we talked about how you got into the tequila world and where you see it going. Where have you been taking your involvement?
KC: Whereas I started out simply an enthusiast, I’ve now moved to giving seminars on tequila.  I give them each month in the Silicon Valley area.

ML: Really! That's pretty neat, no pun intended, please tell me about them.
KC: They’re called “TequilaNeat Talks,” and they’re intended to educate people who think of tequila as being harsh and unpleasant.  There are a lot of REALLY good tequilas out there, and pretty much they have no advertising, and thus not much mindshare among the public.  What I do is to introduce people to good sipping tequila and describe the industry. 

ML: What, specifically, should someone expect at these talks?
KC: For each talk, three basic things: First, I bring in one brand of quality tequila for tasting.  Sometimes the brand sends an ambassador to talk a bit about the tequila, sometimes they just send their products.  Either way, we taste something very nice. Second, we review good tasting techniques- We don’t just slam the stuff down, we truly TASTE, paying close attention to flavors, body, and other aspects of the tequila. Third, I talk about some aspect of the tequila industry.

ML: Are all the talks of this format? Or does it vary from not just brands or ambassadors but the actual distillers in the industry?
KC: Basically.  Occasionally I’ll have special guests, such as noted master distillers and brand owners; sometimes I have special products that can’t be tasted anywhere else; and I’ve even had some pre-release tequilas that we were able to taste before they were released to the public.  Occasionally I’ve even brought in something from my own collection to share.

ML: how long have you been doing these talks?
KC: Over a year and a half now- how time flies!  I started out doing them at two different places; but one was in the middle of the week and it was hard to keep attendance.  I’ve been doing them once a month in Sunnyvale the entire time.  I may add another location in San Francisco soon.

ML: I’d imagine you could do them at many places.
KC: Yes, but I don’t want to over-saturate.  Besides, there’s a fair amount of preparation that goes into each one, and this isn’t my full-time job.

ML: Once again Kelly it was a pleasure to sit and talk Tequila with you. On the behalf of Mr. Latino Magazine, myself and all of our loyal readers I would like to thank you for your time with us. We look forward to seeing what's next for you and TequilaNeat.com. We also look forward to sharing some Tequila and Mezcal away from business.
KC: Pedro, great to talk with you and Mr. Latino Magazine again. I'm honored to be part of such a great publication! I look forward to our sitting down and enjoying some spirits "off the clock" too!

Is it your impression that tequila is a harsh, evil spirit that causes hangovers? These talks are for you!
In these talks, we introduce people to wonderful, high-end sipping tequilas that will change your perception of the agave plant's products.

TequilaNeat Talks are two-hour sessions discussing different aspects of tequila, that include a tasting of a flight of different tequilas. Each month will feature a different topic and a different brand of tequila or mezcal.


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