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Most men strive for an effortless, and a perfect shave every morning when they bring the blade up their chin. Despite the market being flooded with men’s grooming products, there are no tips on how they can master this glorious male tradition. The vintage shaving brush that your dad taught you to use, works like magic. And just when you thought that old school method of shaving went out with the Frisbee, you will now discover that it’s the best shave you can get. Did we mention, she will allow you to dance cheek-to-cheek?

Steam opens pores and causes whiskers to rise, thus making them easier to lop off. So, always shave soon after a shower. Once you emerge out from a hot shower, fill the sink or a bowl with hot water and soak your shaving brush in it. Splash some hot water on your face to keep it hydrated.

Now, wash your face with a cleanser before you start the process of shaving. Why? Don’t you wash your car before waxing it? Cleansing prevents dirt from getting trapped into your pores, which further leads to bumps and blemishes. Just one word of caution – never scrub your face before shaving.

Since, most men are oblivious to the fact that pre-shave oil exists, let us educate you on how to use it. Just pour a miniscule amount of shave oil into your hands and gently massage the face. It softens whiskers and the blade glides smoothly. Not just that, shave oil aids in eliminating razor cuts and skin irritation. Don’t worry; this coin size drop won’t make your face greasy.

After applying the pre-shave oil, spread the cream over your face. Next, wet the brush and whip the cream in a circular motion until it forms lather.

Now, begin shaving along the direction of the stubble to prevent ingrown hair. Draw the razor at the sideburn and slowly work your way down towards the chin.

Shave the neck region in the end and rinse the blades every two seconds.


When you are done, wash away the shave cream and splash cold water on your face. The cold water soothes skin and helps close pores. Pat, not run your face dry with a soft towel.

It’s time for a little TLC. Shaving can be traumatic for the face, even when done properly, thus an after-shave is a must. Gently massage your face with an after-shave balm until absorbed or pat on lightly an alcohol-free toner.

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