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Brooklyn Brewery | Chef Andrew Gerson

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Thanks to Brewmaster Garrett Oliver’s books and the initiative at the Culinary Institute of America, the Brooklyn Brewery has become a leader in the culinary world. In recognition of their status, the brewery hired a house chef to manage their participation in beer dinners, festivals and other special events. Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson came to the table in 2013 with over ten years of culinary experience as a cook, educator and activist. Chef Andrew is a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy where he studied for two years after spending a year cooking in Rome. He returned to his native Philadelphia with a deep love of handmade pasta and a passion for local food systems that have shaped his path ever since. His first project was Strada Pasta, a pop-up dinner series in Philly that allowed Chef Andrew to get deeply involved in the community around his cooking. He co-founded the Philadelphia Mobile Food Truck Association and became an active member of Slow Food, blending local foods and products with his training to forge unique combinations and delicious dishes. He first journeyed to Brooklyn to help launch Antica Pesa Williamsburg, after having worked in their flagship restaurant in Rome, and soon enough came to the Brooklyn Brewery ready to continue his culinary journey.

This Dutch hot pot includes roasted vegetables native to New York and smoked salt pork in a cornmeal porridge inspired by Lenape Indian cooking.
Courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery

Chef Andrew now travels the globe with the Mash tour, collaborating with local chefs and producers including Daniel Espinoza at Dinner Lab, Justin Severino of Pittburgh’s Cure, Landon Schoenefeld of Haute Dish in Minneapolis, Brandon Froehne of Mason’s at Loew’s/Forage South in Nashville, Eman Loubier of Dante’s in New Orleans, Johan Jureskog of Restaurang AG in Stockholm and more to produce farm-to-table cuisine steeped in regional flavor and spiced with a dash of pure Brooklyn. When he’s not cooking his way around the world, Chef Andrew keeps very busy here at home. He recently launched the Dinner Party series at Williamsburg tasting room Humboldt & Jackson. Each installment features Chef Andrew collaborating with local chefs, farmers, craftsmen and more to produce completely unique meals that celebrate local food and Brooklyn Brewery beers.

The Brooklyn Brewery served venison tartare for a dinner party inspired by the local cuisine of Dutch settlers and Native Americans in the 1650s.
Courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery

When he’s not cooking for the Mash or at special events, Andrew takes the chance to crank up some hip hop and get some cooking done at home. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @bklynhousechef for Mash morsels and peeks into his upcoming projects.


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