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Señora Latinas | You Raised a Neighborhood of Boys

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Señora Latinas . . .

They say it takes a village but in my case my village was filled with my mom’s neighborhood comadres. Like George Lopez says “I can’t do nothing!”

It didn’t matter whose yard we were playing in - if we acted up, you were sure to hear “Portate bien, I’m going to tell your mom.” That’s all it took. And when the street lights came on, that was our queue to get home.

So now I am never late and conscious of hidden cameras. ;)

Not to diminish or down play the impact of the Latino role model in my life growing up, because they certainly were there, just in a different way.

The Latina impact on us as young men was huge. You can ask any of us, boys made up 95% of my neighborhood. Not a rich neighborhood by any means at all but when the dads were at work and we were off school, there was always a mom, a tia and or Abuelita watching. Letting us be boys and do the things boys do but also making sure we had some sort of boundaries.

A lot of successful stories have come out of our neighborhood as a result of this influence.

We have men who are now in the music industry, in various branches of law enforcement, owners of their own businesses, government and state employees and even one who has protected the President of the United States on Air Force 1. Not bad for a few small blocks on the east-side of Patterson, Ca.

Jose J Sanchez (2nd from the left, Washburn Ave.) - USAF Presidential Security Air Force One & Two

These women who stealth-fully watched over us boys ended up subliminally impacting and influencing these many success stories.

So now as I venture into whatever it is I venture into, I do it knowing that the Latina influence was not just in my childhood days but will be with me forever.

I, Pedro Quiroba III, wrote this many years ago and now it has become a tradition for me to re-post this on "Dia de las Madres Mexicanas".

Now my little guy RJ (Ramon Julian) Quiroba and others to come will be reminded of the "Mom's of Weber & Washburn and all streets in between.

Señora Latinas – Gracias!

Abuelita Rodriguez | Grandmother of the whole neighborhood

To my mom Señora Quiroba to Señora Ruiz, Señora Ramirez, Señora Zepeda, Señora Sanchez, Señora Cuellar, Señora Gonzalez, Señora Lopez, Señora Diaz, Señora Molina, Señora Garza, Señora Perez, Abuelita Rodriguez and also to all of the other Señoras who have done and still do the same.




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