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People in Tequila Óscar Escobar | Flavors, Spices & Zest with Mexico City Inspiration

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His signature cocktail drinks are popular at Sacramento at Tequila Museo Mayahuel near the Capitol.

Yes, you want them and you will go there.

His drinks are bursting with flavor, spices and zest, with inspiration from his memories that take Óscar back to his beloved native México City.

"I don't plan on just making a drink, but telling a story of where tequila comes from; how it is made and explain to the judges why the city of Tequila and its soil make it ripe for the production of tequila. Essentially, I want to tell the story of what Tequila means to Mexicanos," says Óscar.

Óscar's grandmother used to cook every single day. He still remembers the salsas, the fruits, the vegetables and the spices. Oscar wants all of those to be in a drink.

"I want a drink to bring back something of México."
- Óscar Escobar

ML Interview with Óscar Escobar

First I would like to say that it is always a pleasure meeting up with you my friend. As you already know Mr. Latino Magazine is a big fan of your creations but we will save that for the next question. What I would like to know is what has Oscar been up to these days especially since we last featured you?

Well first of all thank you for the feature and is so nice to hear that Mr. Latino Magazine  is back and better than ever. I have been working really hard, growing everyday, designing drink menus implementing drink programs and just evolving day by day.

Being so close to you we have had the probably unfair opportunity to taste a lot of your cocktails, even some before anyone else has. Please describe your approach to creating a new drink. Also is there anything in the works or completed that you can share with us and our ML readers?

I really don't create just look back to where I came from  everything I am doing has been done I just happen to have the touch to give the drinks its own personality with a Mexico City twist.

From the beginning to today how has this journey been? What have you learned and how has it evolved or changed for you?

Definitely it's been a journey, I'm humble and grateful how people have responded to me but most importantly their reactions when they taste my drinks. My drinks have evolved in the way that my libations now are more sophisticated but they have great balance between class and basics.

What or who inspires you to do what you do maybe the better question is who or what has been your biggest influence in your industry?

Definitely my mentor Mr. Manny Hinojosa has been the biggest influence on my career and working for Mr. Ernesto Delgado. They both believed in me even when others thought I was crazy.

What can we expect next from the genius mixologist?

Expect the unexpected.

Nicely put Óscar, great seeing you again and thanks for the drink!

You can find Óscar Escobar mixing up some fabulous Tequila and Mezcal drinks at the beautiful Mayahuel Restaurant in Sacramento, CA.


Photo & Video Credits: Mayahuel


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