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People in Tequila | Mi Casa Tequila: A Generational, Single Estate, Boutique Tequila (Family)

Written by  Pedro Quiroba III
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On my journey to find my next favorite Tequila, a journey that started almost 20 years ago, I have seen many changes not only in the spirit but as well as in the industry.

An industry dominated by the big boys in the early days and even today. However with the rise and popularity of the “Boutiques” and I emphasize the word and I capitalize it because it is that important to me. Just like anything else handcrafted, refined and worth waiting for - so are the “Boutique Tequilas”.

Family, friends and good times – That’s the motto of the Rodriguez family, a family I have had the opportunity to get to know not only on a business level but more so on a personal level.

In 2007 the Rodriguez family started the 1933 Spirits LLC as a way to independently import their very own brand Mi Casa Tequila. Although the company was formed in 2007 the story starts back in 2000 when Ezequiel and his lovely wife Carmen planted the very first plantation on a ranch in the highlands of Michoacan. The same land Ezequiel and his father lived on for many years prior. The family considers Mi Casa as a generational Tequila with Eli and his sister Cristina working together as first generation Tequileros.

Ezequiel’s journey started in Penjamillo Michoacan before he came to America as a young boy. Carmen was born in El Paso, Tejas. The two met many miles away from the places they knew as home. Here in the once small central valley agricultural town of Riverbank, Ca.

Familia, Amigos y Tiempos Buenos are certainly the motto of La Familia Rodriguez but hard work, dedication and a great product are what has kept Mi Casa Tequila growing and growing.

Eli and Cristina are hands-on, understanding the importance of a hard days work kind of people but also realize the importance of enjoying life and friends in and out of the industry.

"In my opinion - Eli and Cristina are the new Tequileros. They are the young, innovative, creative, visionaries that will help to propel “Tequila”. To grow the awareness of how special this spirit is." - Pedro Quiroba III - CEO/Mr. Latino Magazine

The future of Tequila is in some very good hands and I can’t wait to taste what comes out next from 1933 Spirits. I am sure it’s going to be another Generational, Single Estate, Boutique Tequila with a lot of family.


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