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Your Life in a Suit | Timeless Fashion Tips

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Knowledge is key but image is everything – right?

Well what I do know is the right appearance and body language go a long way. I can help with appearance and our good friend Mr. Rick Ronquillo can help you with body language, that's another feature altogether.

Proper fashion is so important, wearing your clothes the right way says a lot about you. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so let’s make sure we take advantage of it.

As fashion trends always seem to change and unless you’re blessed with metro like fashion sensibility or you have the cash to hire a fashion assistant, setting up your wardrobe can be a very daunting task.

Good news – We have come up with seven timeless fashion tips that will keep you looking good no matter what trends come and go. Read them and most of all live and die by them!

Don’t tuck your shirt in your pants!
Only tuck them in if you’re going to wear a tie or a formal jacket.

Always iron your shirt!
Even if you’re going to wear a suit, un-ironed shirts just look awful. Who knows if your going to have to drop the jacket? Don’t take that chance.

Make it fit!
Nothing is more important in fashion than to wear your clothes with the right fit, and in the right size. Too big and you’ll look like a fool, and vice versa if they’re too small.

Match shoes with your belt!
If you’re wearing black shoes, wear a black belt too. It’s just a sign of good style.

Dress shoes require dress socks!
No athletic socks allowed.

Dress for your age!
No matter how cool a shirtless hoodie looks, it’s just wrong on a 50+ man. No offence to older (or younger) people, but dressing for one’s age is one of the most important rules in fashion.

White and black
White and black will always be in style.

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