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The Home Office, Bar & Picking Your Poison.

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The Home Office
Gone are the days when it was frowned upon to bring work home. Now-a-days a home is not a home unless it has a home office. Whether you are turning an extra bedroom into a workspace with store bought furniture or constructing a full scale two level library and office, home offices are a regular part of what makes a house a home. Check out pictures of some pretty cool home offices and get setting up your home work-space.

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The Home Office Bar
AMC’s super-successful period series Mad Men made drinking both at home and in the office stylish — visually, at least. And while today’s corporate landscape doesn’t allow for keeping a properly stocked bar behind your desk at work, adding a few choice bottles to your home study or work-space adds another dimension to your personal space's character and style. Perfect for Tequila Tuesday, Tequila Thursday and yes for Mezcal Monday.

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Picking Your Poison
Now it's time to stock your home office bar. This is where you can tell a lot about a man. Your bottles are a reflection of yourself, just like the design of your office, the suits you wear and the eagles you fly with. Chose alcohol you like and start small with the essentials like Gin, Vodka, Bourbon, Scotch, Rum and of course Tequila. Here are the rules to setting up your perfect home office bar.

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