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Kary Musa Interview | Beautiful Actress, Vocalist, Model & Entrepreneur

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Kary Musa is an aspiring actress, singer and model who owns her own clothing line as well.  She is originally from Baranquilla, Colombia who has loved music since she was a child playing different instruments and singing songs in front of her family and friends. She started playing the guitar since the age of 7.  She also participated in all events that gave her the opportunity to excel.

Living in poverty with many kids turning towards illegal activity, Kary decided to instead pursue her education by attending music school and law school at the same time.  She completed law school within 5 years and when she turned 20, she was a finalist of “Popstars” from Caracol TV in Colombia leading to modeling and singing more until she decided to move to Miami, Florida by herself leaving her family to pursue her dream in the entertainment industry.

Kary found work in hospitality working part time at night as it was very difficult on her ego working with difficult people.   During the day she worked with casting agencies tackling different projects such as short films and movies as an extra further inclining her into acting.  She also modeled for big designers and performed at her famous karaoke nights in front of big stars like the Estefans.  Kary later took acting lessons with Hector Zabaleta (Telemundo Coach), Carlos Perez (Venevision International Director and Coach) and Adriana Barraza (Oscar Nominated Actress).

Her career took off when she was called to be on Model Latina at SITV in Los Angeles, CA. and other productions for Telemundo, Venevision and Mun2 TV which led her to her first speaking movie scene on Iron Man 3 working with Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Kingsley released in 2013.  Presently she is an actress and singer starring in the role as Candela “Candelita” Reyes on the Spanish novela, “Tierra De Reyes”.

In March 2015, she released her first single, “Vida Mia” along with a music video as she is currently working on her second release, a Tropical Latin song with more movement.  Kary continues to work hard in her acting and music career and in April 2015 launched her clothing line.  Her focus is to be like the next J. Lo in becoming a fashion icon while following the footsteps of her mentor, Shakira while building her brand.  Her vision is to capture an Oscar and/or Golden Globe Award while receiving the statuette in front of millions thanking everyone while in tears of gratitude and appreciation.  She also wants to continue to support her country, Colombia by helping the children of the streets who are less fortunate and poverty driven by opening up schools, feeding them and also supporting families a few at a time in giving back. 

Here is her interview with Mr. Latino Miami:

ML: Briefly tell me about yourself, some of your accomplishments and sacrifices you have made along the way?

KM: Well I am from Barranquilla, Colombia, I am a singer who alone paid for a one way ticket leaving my entire family behind to pursue my dreams as a singer relocating to Miami, Florida. I first worked in hospitality part time and as an extra in different projects such as short films and movies with my first ever speaking role in Iron Man 3. I worked really hard during the day acting, casting, model shoots and working at night.  I also completed law school in Colombia and had to work on my ego and be more down to earth working with difficult people in hospitality. 

ML: I see that you are realizing your dreams as an Actress, Recording Artist, Model, and as an Entrepreneur with your own clothing line, With everything that you are involved in does any one aspect take preference over another or do they all fall under the Kary Musa World Empire?

KM: My preference and goal is in acting to become someone big in Hollywood capturing an Oscar or Golden Globe. I see myself giving a speech and crying in front of people but after I accomplish a lot of other goals that will eventually lead to being nominated and winning a major award instead of having it given to me.  My second goal is in music or a mixture in music and acting as a character like in my current role working for Telemundo on the Spanish soap opera, “Tierra De Reyes” where I am portraying a singer by the name of  “Candelita”. I would like to use her image and inspire people in different ways to include fashion like J. Lo on what she wears and people following me but not only as a fashion icon but also having my own brand. I want to inspire people in how to overcome difficult situations in life, how to be stronger everyday and help others in Colombia. I want to have my own school for the kids in the streets and build schools giving them food and opportunities they don’t have in becoming a better human being in the future. I learned poverty and saw poverty, kids cleaning your car to get more money. All those kids that I saw, the guerillas giving the kids guns and fighting against the government, I don’t want that.  I have seen a lot of social problems in my country and I love Colombia.  Me and my family a few years ago started helping different families, helping the old during their last years in elderly homes and bigger kids at two locations in Baranquilla, Colombia in their education and feeding them well while in school so that they can think and learn better instead of attending school with an empty stomach not paying attention to their teacher.  It’s been an amazing experience doing it with my parents.

ML: Your song, “Vida Mia” is doing very well with the support of Telemundo in which as you mentioned you star in the show “Tierra De Reyes” as “Candelita”. Give me an update on your song and upcoming album in which you also released a music video with your fiancé’.  A really beautiful video I must say.

KM: The song is doing great and I realize that it’s not all about having an album, but more about songs since people don’t like buying albums like myself who only purchases one song, “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias and other artists on I-Tunes.  I am currently working on another song with a composer and producer that will have more movement than my first with a more Latin flavor and a more upbeat rhythm that I cannot say more about but I’ll let you know first I promise.

ML: What was your role attending the Latin Billboard Awards and how did it feel?

KM: I attended the Latin Billboard Awards as a guest for “Tierra De Reyes” on the red carpet and was very exciting.  When I walked out of the limo and all of these girls were screaming, “Candelita, Candelita”, I wanted to cry for people recognizing my work and wanting to take a picture with me.  There’s nothing like it and I don't take it for granted and really admire and appreciate the people who don’t know me.  So I took her cell phone and started taking a lot of pictures with them and exchanging cell phones, the fans saying, “next me, next me” until my PR tried to rush me and I felt so bad because everyone wanted to pass their phone and one lady told me that she really appreciated what I was doing and the first one who has done it being that the other stars walk by and not do what I just did. I would have stayed for two hours if I could have. The next day I found out that I was chosen as the best dressed out of the top five people on E-Online and placed me next to J-Lo and Roselyn Sanchez. I was very honored in being chosen for Best Dressed.  I actually purchased the dress online as I don’t spend a lot of money on a stylist and gets a dress for different events and people like it and I like it and that’s all that matters.  “It’s not what you’re wearing but how you wear it”

ML: Mr. Latino prides itself on promoting and showcasing positive role-models like yourself, especially someone who gives back to the Latino community as a mentor, motivator and as an influential person. Here are some statistics I researched on Influential Latino People: Time Magazine lists the 100 most influential people in the world every year.  In 2005, 25 Latinos were recognized. In 2013, 8 out of 100 were recognized including Pope Francis and in 2014 only 6 with the Pope making the list again. That’s staggering! With that said, what do you wish to accomplish as a Latina?  

KM: I would like to make an impact in the hearts of the people. When you die, you don’t take anything with you, anything material. I came with nothing in my pocket from a country that was rejected here in the U.S. because I had to get a visa to travel everywhere and felt that back then Colombians were screwed.  But as I started working hard in this country I started realizing that you can make it here and in any other country if you work really hard as long as you stay true to yourself, never become another person or pretend to be another person. So what I want to offer to the world is to always be true to yourself, believe in your dreams, work hard, and one day you will achieve that. Don’t just stay there with that dream but use that success to help inspire other people. When people look at me, I would like them to see me as a person who fought really hard, became successful and gave back to the world.  And everybody will do the same like how they have seen Mother Teresa and other famous people like Shakira who I follow in helping kids, giving to the world, with music and as a family person. I love that from a Latino. Not a big shot. Instead help people and be true to yourself. More opportunities are given to Latinos in Europe and in the U.S. So it’s been a progress little by little. Latinos are limited with their accent but we are getting there.


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