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Cecy was born in San Juan Capistrano, California and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

She started singing at the early age of 7 with her mom at local Mariachi music events. In her early teen years she discovered Hip Hop and female artist such as TLC and Missy Elliot and that inspired her to pursue a career in that genre.

Cecy B earned public attention after putting in work and completing five mixtape/ albums between 2005–2015 and being featured on various upcoming LA artist projects. She started with an independent label in 2004 and completed a double English/Spanish Hip Hop CD titled "Latinalicious" The album unfortunately was never released due to the label closing down.

Cecy continued her music career by writing and singing hooks for other upcoming LA artist as "a foot in the door" approach and hustle to perform with those artist whenever possible.

In 2006 while staying focused on putting out her own music, Cecy was then signed to another independent label and released an Album titled "Street Sexy", The Album garnered minor radio play and minor international success with songs licensed such as "Swing Batta" and featured on the Degrassi follow up teen show "The Best Years". In late 2006 early 2007 Cecy B ran into some speed bumps as her lyrics and vocals where given and sold to a Girl band in Europe, without her consent and never received any royalties or credit for writing the rap verses.

As she became more and more discouraged with the music industry and the lack of a proper team to back her up, financial struggles added with the unfortunate news that her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, she made the decision to gave up on music and moved back to Orange County. In 2007 she got married and focused on being a housewife. Soon after her mom received the news that she was cancer free. This news gave Cecy try music again. While still staying away from the music industry she released a personal home studio album titled "Truth, Love Change". In 2012 Cecy experienced two life changing events, her filing for divorce and her decision to go back to music full time which took her back to Los Angeles.

Cecy B has now worked with so many artists, producers and talent. She has broadened her horizons to include acting, TV, voiceover and even branded her own merchandise "Hustle in Heels".

Mr. Latino Magazine Interview with Cecy B

Cecy first of all ML would like to thank you for your time for this interview. Also we love your story and look forward to seeing big things from you in 2016. When you decided as you said to get back to music full time what was the first big thing that happened to catapult you on your career?

Cecy B:
I met music executive Dalexis Tamayo from Get Right Management and he offered me a management deal and moved me to Miami to work out of Tone-Masters studio to try to find a commercialized sound with in house producer -Architracks.

ML: With the management deal you received, what did it enable you to do with music and business?

Cecy B:
In 2013, I went on to do a mixtape titled "Hustle in Heels" and also launched my brand "Hustle in Heels" merchandise online store. That year I also went on to create a song titled "Mexico" featuring Lil Rob, which would grow to become a new era Mexican Hip Hop Anthem, reaching over million views on YouTube and was also featured on MTV. I gained attention from various indie labels in Miami for being different with my rap skills and low tone rapping voice.

ML: Very impressive, beautiful, talented and an entrepreneur. With all of that airplay and attention did any of the indie and big labels make any offers?

Cecy B:
Yes, after various independent label offers, I decided to work independently with my team -G.R.E.A.T. Music Group and released two singles "All I Do Is Werk" which I won a contest for best upcoming artist radio song backed up by radio DJ personalties- The Baka Boyz. The song received airplay and lead to me meeting Cypress Hill lead singer –B-Real, later that year we collaborated on my third single titled "Bout That".

That's awesome, your a real "Hustler in Heels" for sure. With the collab I am sure it lead to other opportunities, tells a little about them?

Cecy B:
In 2013-2014, I started opening up for various artist such as Kid Ink, Baby Bash at University of Phoenix stadium and various international music festivals in Canada and Mexico . In 2015 I released my latest studio album titled "The Connect" which is a mix of Hip Hop and R&B and features two songs with B-Real of Cypress Hill, Compton Menace, Lil Rob, Wrekonize of Strange Music and various other artist.

In the feature it was mentioned that you have broadened your horizons to include acting, TV, voiceover and more. What does this all envole?

Cecy B:
I continues to promote my online store ( , album, tour and write songs for commercial licensing. In 2015 I wrote a jingle for a nationwide lawyer referral company and am working on a movie soundtrack due for 2016.

You started your love for music at an early age, what are some of the highlights you remember from your first days in the music industry? And tells more about your acting and TV.

Cecy B:
I started off at an early age hosting lowrider shows and interviewing artist on the red carpet, I worked for CruzingTv and would often interview artist such as Daddy Yankee, Twista, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, and various other artist. My natural acting ability and personality in front of the camera led me to a Supporting actress role for a feature Film titled "Lunar Effect" which featuresDanny Trejo and other upcoming artist. As I looked to expand in the entertainment industry I also have done various Spanish commercial voiceovers and I was recently casted for a film due for post production in 2016.


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