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The recent screening of the biopic called “El Rey de Najayo” was well received and surprised many by the depth of the story of a drug dealer named Julian played by Manny Perez. Agustin Duende Films and La Mega presented this film.

The difference between this film and the “scarface” movies Hollywood produces is the telling of the life of the man from a human perspective. It also tackles the problems of the drug trade with great honesty as it expands on the people responsible. “This film is about corruption. But it’s not a local.” Manny explained, “Its Mexico, Colombia, and South America. It’s a problem everywhere.”

Manny’s character was traumatized since childhood and took a road of vengeance his father’s killers who paid his honesty with his death. The role showed his love of the good life and his carefree ways with women as he had 15. But when imprisoned, he also showed a propensity for educating himself acquiring several degrees which was motivated by the relationship he had with Laura, played by Luz Garcia, who also had a traumatic upbringing but chose the path of the bible and love. “Films like this are not being made anymore.” Manny admitted.

In the end it inspired his biography which was released upon his death which told the whole story of the drug trade and all its players. “Hollywood is not making these films. But if we support these films, Hollywood would take notice.” Manny said. A violent and smack in your face kind of film with no frills but characters that were believable and resembled many people we know in our own neighborhoods. El Rey de Najayo is one film that makes you think in its rehashing.

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