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Open Stage Club | Eat. Drink. Perform

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Moved by their own artistic sensibility, They thought it was a great idea to create and develop a concept as a breather to modern life. At the same time, promoting the essentials of artistic expression. They are strong believers that artists are bred, not born and everyone carries their own art within. It is only a matter of exploring ourselves, our abilites and determining the kind of artistic expression that moves our soul.

The mission of Open Stage is to enable exploration, help artists grow and find their motivation. The electrifying sensation of being alive that is felt when performing cannot be verbalized; it has to be experienced.

Life can be hectic and it's entertainment, shallow. It needs a countereffect. Open Stage dares you to experience true artistic freedom and realize the effect that expression thorugh art can have; whether you've been at this for a while, just beginning or hunger to find something new.

Their principles guide us to deliver entertainment that is valuable to the developing artist or the try-out artist and supports a social network of individuals that appreciate performing arts.

Open Stage has a passion for people and their artistic abilities. They will reach out to as many hidden artists as possible, in hopes of bringing back a well-rounded, spiritually intune and enlightened society.

For this reason, they have setup the Restaurant & Bar with a state-of-art facility for performances.

"Our endevour is to make this the home of everyone interested in developing their performance skill, backed by a great experience with fine dining, a vast variety of wines and great drinks".

Open Stage Club is located in Coral Gables owned by Juan Della Torre.  It features a stage for recording artists and performers holding dance events, comedy, and so on. It is also a restaurant and an amazing place to hang out during the weekend and host private parties. One of Mr. Latino Magazine's preferred spots!!!

Owner Juan Della Torre


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