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Marlow Rosado | Grammy Award Winner, Pianist, Producer, Composer & Friend

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Mr. Latino Miami had the honor and privilege to interview 2013 Grammy Award winner for Best Tropical Album of the Year-“Retro”, Marlow Rosado, a pianist, a composer and a producer giving him his due and recognition for winning the highest award every recording artist in the world would love to have in their possession.

While on his way to perform in a concert in Miami, Florida we conducted an over the cell phone interview (the raw interview is below).  It was even more difficult for him and his band, La Riquena to win a Grammy because usually lead vocalists are the ones who win as Romeo Santos was their main competitor.  Marlow has worked on many different genres including: salsa, merengue, reggaeton, bachata and rock working with the best to include legends in Latin music such as Selena, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Alejandra Guzman, Jon Secada, Tito Puente Jr., Larry Harlow and El Gran Combo just to name a few.

Marlow Rosado is a native of Puerto Rico residing in Miami, Florida now. He is dedicated to bringing the very best in Salsa.  Although he has already won the highest award adding 11 nominations to his illustrious career. Every follow up album that he and his band produce has to be categorized as top notch Grammy caliber or else he places the song to the side and carefully critiques the others that were produced and completed for review.

(Salsanimal is currently submitted for a Latin Grammy consideration. The Latin Grammys scheduled to air on November 19, 2015)
I asked Marlow how he felt about winning the highest award, a Grammy. This is what he had to say:  “Everybody dreams in this industry from when you first pick up an instrument, you dream of someday being recognized by your peers from the highest level. In our case it happens to be a Grammy. As a pianist it is very difficult as it is a singer based industry at least in the tropical world, for an instrumentalist to win. This is why I do it all like the old school way for my orchestra as the director, the arranger and the producer.  And that’s why Eddie Palmieri sounded like Eddie Palmieri, Larry Harlow sounded like Larry Harlow and Ray Barretto sounded like Ray Barretto because they were the owners, the leaders and the arrangers that made the decisions.  It wasn’t like the industry of today where you might have the same arranger arranging for seventeen singers and all the singers don’t sound the same.  So we become extinct.”  So then he finally gets nominated to realize that he is running against Romeo Santos.  He thought it would be impossible at first but he knew that this was the shot and could be the only time he would ever have this opportunity to win with the album, “Retro”.  “If I don’t win, I want it to be because I didn’t win.” So he went to work and showed EVERYBODY the record. “If people HEAR the record then I have a good chance cause I have a great album.” So he made it his MISSION for people to listen to the album.  “I showed people”, Marlow said.

And like the saying goes, THE REST IS HISTORY!  An incredible story for any recording artist to listen to if you want to win the highest award in the music industry.

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