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The Most Interesting Man in the World

Additional Info

Here is a new campaign by Dos Equis where their “most interesting man” gives advice on various subjects. With all of them being only 15 second spots, I think they were pretty cleverly written if you ask me.

My favorite is “Packages”:
Fellows, leave the tight pants to the ladies. If I can count the coins in your pocket, you better use them to call the tailor.

In addition to the two displayed above (The Most Interesting Man & Packages), there are two more commercials in this series –

Mixed Nuts:


Created by Euro RSCG/New York with Jeff Kling as Creative Director. Steve Miller directed the spots with @radical media as the production company (Outside Editorial did the post work).

All of these spots are tied-in at the end with our interesting gentleman telling us to “stay thirsty my friends” which is also the web address for their campaign micro-site – There you can test your skill in patience and strength (by arm wrestling Mao, Churchill, Stalin, or even our most interesting man), apply to become the most interesting man in the world’s personal assistant and view various photos with our host performing assorted “manly” feats. Pretty funny site to match the spots, kudos.

Update: After a lot of emails regarding this campaign and the talent used, it has been confirmed that the actor who plays “The Most Interesting Man In The World” is indeed Jonathan Goldsmith. This was received via email from production sources.

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