Ernesto Valdez: From Crenshaw to Beverly Hills

Ernesto grew up in the tough L.A. neighborhood of Crenshaw but he didn’t let that dictate his future. He in fact used it to fuel the fire of success that burned so hot inside of him.

At the young age of 12 he started working pressure washing trucks to help his parents out financially. This grew into a work ethic that was not only about learning and earning but also about literally being fed.

After High School, he joined the United States Navy one week before the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks. Ernesto worked as a non-lethal weapons instructor and operations specialist for nine years. After leaving the Navy he quickly decided to go after his goal of becoming a financial advisor.

Ernesto recently left his firm in San Diego to work at a new firm in Beverly Hills. While working at the new firm he realized that he needed to network with the “Movers and Shakers” to not only build his network but to also be taken seriously. In his words, “Beverly Hills is a whole different ball game when it comes to doing business.”

Ernesto founded the Cuff Links Beverly Hills Networking group with the goal of capturing the elite market to not only help Latino business professionals but also other ethnicities to collaborate and network with other like minded business professionals in the city of Beverly Hills and L.A.

Cuff Links Beverly Hills isn’t your ordinary networking group. Cuff Links BHN does it with style, sophistication, and class. The networking group host events at upscale venues, mansions, hotels and penthouses in Beverly Hills. Their motto is to connect, collaborate, and network with the best!

CLBHN is quickly growing on their private facebook group and on linkin. Great job Ernesto, Mr. Latino congratulates you on your success and also for your dedication to the Latino community!

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