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Isaac "Sasquatch" Sanchez: From Folsom, Ca to Golf Channel!

Golf. That's right Mr. Latino swings the sticks.

Talk about swinging the sticks so does our new friend Isaac. Nicknamed "Sasquatch" Isaac looking more like a NFL lineman rather than a golfer, breaks the misconceptions and stereotypes of what a golfer is supposed to look like. I mean this guy would make checkers look so cool. Now Isaac is looking for his big break on Golf Channel's "Big Break".
Imagine all 6'-5.5" and 315lbs of him showing up at the longest of par 5's with his size sixteen's getting ready to rip it 320 plus yards. So yes, Mr. Latino does play the gentleman's game. Ask our new friend. ;)

On a serious note we here at ML were starting our morning like pretty much everyone else in Northern California does - Watching Good Day Sacramento with a cup of coffee and updating our website.

That's what we all do right??? Okay maybe you have a blog, whatever. . .

I heard "Big Break" - my ears perked up. I heard "mumble, mumble Sanchez" - my ears got bigger and I peaked out from behind the monitor. I saw this big guy getting ready to launch a tee shot over some big trees, across the street and finally into the middle of the Sacramento River. He did it with an effortless swing. "Hey Rick!!! (at Blues Cafe) I found our 4th guy for our next best ball tournament!"

Tonight Isaac, makes his debut on the season opener of this years Big Break! Don't miss it, we won't and Mr. Latino will be following Isaac. This 33 year old who plays out of Cameron Park Country Club via his full ride golf scholarship out of the University of Hawaii at Manoa is currently listed in the top-10 on the 2012 Pepsi Tour money list.

411 on Isaac "Sasquatch" Sanchez:

Career Stats:
- Turned professional in 1999.
- Currently in the top-10 on the 2012 Pepsi Tour money list.
- Motto: “Be. Do. Have.”  Applies this motto both on and off the golf course.

Diagnosed with “Gigantism” in high school.  Father of two – one daughter and one son.

On what has prevented him from reaching the next level in professional golf:
“What has prevented me from going to the next level is money.  As great as I have done, I live paycheck to paycheck or tournament to tournament. I haven’t had the ability to sign up months ahead for a national tour, much less put the $5,000-plus up for Q-School.”

What is the biggest challenge you have had to face in your life?
“The biggest challenge I overcame was a brain tumor in high school. The tumor caused me to grow to the height I am now and also caused many of the joint and back problems I have now. Going through this taught me to realize how fortunate I am.   When I was in the hospital having the tumor removed, I was surrounded by young children with terminal illnesses who were never going to leave the hospital.  It taught me to be grateful for what I have and that things are never as bad as they seem.”

Isaac on FB: click here


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