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Mexicans: We Don’t Just Drink Tequila

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Irish and Whisky, Russians and Vodka, Cubanos and Rum – so on and so on. . .

Basically . . . eventually . . . we get to Mexicans and Tequila.

I remember when Tequila wasn’t included as a premium spirit. It was simply salt, lime and shoot. A party get drunk drink – one Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila floor. And you know you had the shirt back in the day and wore it proudly. The Polaroid is still hanging around somewhere.

Once we got rid of the salt and lime, then and only then Tequilas stopped tasting the same. They actually stopped tasting like salt and lime.

The Tequila experience is now a big glass, sniff and sip. 100% Agave is all we will accept these days. Now that we have Tequila Aficionados all over the world and some of the top experts in the industry are not even of Mexican descent. Well, that makes me feel a whole lot better about proclaiming myself as an Aficionado of other spirits.

When George Clooney, Xzibit and Justin Timberlake put their names on a Tequila Brand it makes it so obviously apparent how big and popular this market is.

So why isn’t there a George Lopez Whiskey or an Oscar De La Hoya Scotch? How about an Andy Garcia Grappa and a Robert Rodriguez Vodka? Or is there??? I don’t know but I am going to find out and let you know! That’s the next article.

To be honest the only Latino I know of that has his own spirit and it isn’t a Tequila is Sal Ortiz of King Rex Vodka. I haven’t tasted it yet but I hear it’s pretty good, this coming from a Tequila guy who doesn’t even drink Vodka.

The truth of the matter is we like what we like, whether we are Latino, Asian, Black or White. We all bring something to the spirits table of the world.

I am just glad that we are bringing the Tequila neat and leaving the condiments to the fraternities and clubbers. Boutiques Bravo! Big Box Bummers!

Latinos Love All Great Premium Spirits in Moderation.


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