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TEQUILAS: Joronogo - 3 Tequilas You will Love

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Families always have a black sheep, right? Not this one. I have never had an entire bottle of Tequila go empty as fast as these did in my house.

Tequila Jorongo Blanco:
As all of my Tequila review readers and followers know, I am a huge fan of the Anejos and have only featured one Blanco in my reviews to date. I have found the Blanco that I would not only place my Mr. Latino rep on but also actually go out, seek, find and buy a bottle of this Tequila. By the way this bottle went too fast on Super Bowl Sunday!

I have in the past usually associated Blancos as mixing Tequilas and never sipping Tequilas. Tequila Jorongo Blanco has changed my mind. Sniff it in deep and take in the beautiful sweet scent, it's naturally smooth taste makes it perfect for sipping, shots and even if you must put it in the mix, it makes any drink taste so much better.

The complex character of Tequila Jorongo Blanco makes it the ultimate Blanco for Mr. Latino to sip neat. In short it is crisp, very clean, surprisingly flavorful with a bouquet usually associated with high end Anejos, yes I did just say Anejos!

Jorongo Blanco Tasting Notes:
Appearance: clear - thick body and slow tears
Aroma: agave with sweet floral nose / herbal notes and burnt sugar
Initial Taste: sweet agave, light grass
Spirit Body: heats up with floral and spicy agave, hint of anise
Finish / Aftertaste: heated mouthfeel, sweet floral and slight mint



Tequila Jorongo Reposado:
It may sound strange that a lover of Tequila has a slight distaste for Reposados. To be honest I did look down on the reps just like a self respecting vino drinker would rather sip a cab over a merlot.

I grew up sneaking shots of Casadores from my Dad and Tios, although the shots were very rough I eventually acquired the taste. I then recognized the scent and taste of a reposado as the official qualities of Tequila. Even though I wasn't a big fan I gladly accepted it. Those were my very early days of Tequila tastings. Much later in life I had the opportunity to taste many varieties  of Tequilas and on a regular basis.

For the most part I sipped the reps until I was introduced to my very first Aenjo, Tequila Herradura. Herradura changed my Tequila tasting life. Immediately I was hooked on the Anejos via Herradura and wouldn't sip any other grade of Tequila, especially the reposados.

I thank Jorongo for creating a reposado that made me think I was actually sipping an Anejo. The reposado that Joronogo Tequila produces is very smooth, much more like an Anejo. Jorongo has most definitely launched reposados to a whole new level.

Jorongo Reposado Tasting Notes:
Appearance: light straw, orange hues - full body and tears
Aroma: agave with hints of butter, caramel, and citrus
Initial Taste: sweet agave and vanilla
Spirit Body: spiced orange, medium and warm
Finish / Aftertaste: warm mouthfeel, short spice and caramel aftertaste



Now to the Anejo.

As you all know it is my most favorite of all. This is where I love them or leave them. As I have stated in the past I am no way a professional Tequila Sommelier I am just a passionate fan of this exquisite drink. I am always honest with my reviews, although some may disagree with my results, I always tell it like I taste it.

Joronogo's Anejo is most definitely in my top 5. The initial sniff may be a little strong but as you let it sit and  breath it mellows out quite nicely. You work you way up from the Blanco to the Reposado and then finally the Anejo, each step is truly a treat.  We here at Mr. Latino have enjoyed not only the Tequila of Jorongo but also the passion, dedication and love that the producers of this fine spirit exude.

Jorongo Anejo Tasting Notes:
Appearance: medium amber, golden hues - slow tears
Aroma: earthy light agave with cherry and oak
Initial Taste: musty light agave and caramel, a bit of oak
Spirit Body: butter, sweet agave, spiced orange, medium and warm
Finish / Aftertaste: warm mouthfeel, short spice and caramel aftertaste


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